Keepin the blues alive

Monthly live gigs at the Hawth Crawley


Artists appearing @ the Hawth in 2017

Matt Woosey  "Same old blues" 8/9/17

I first came across Matt at the O2 London Blues festival a few years ago and I was knocked out by his vocals and stunning guitar playing. He is difficult to categorise in genre terms, however I personally see that as a plus as his style is both refreshing and and current.

'One of the acts that is currently lighting up the British scene', Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2 

Mike Vernon Combo 31/10/17 "I hate to leave (hate to say goodbye)"

Mike Vernon is the legendary producer of Blue Horizon records who recorded all the early Fleetwood Mac including arguably one of the finest debut albums eponymously known as "The dog and the dustbin''. I have met him on a couple of occasions when John Mayall, who he also produced several albums with, played at the Hawth and also what was to be the final Blues on the Farm festival.

He is the consummate professional who brings over 50 years experience to the stage with blues soaked R&B backed by wonderful musicians such as Ian Jennings & Mike Helier.

This is a must see gig as these bands are a rarity , foot stomping, toe tapping, feelgood music.