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Kent DuChaine F 31/1

Kent is a modern day equivalent of the old timers that used to ride the blinds, albeit his modus operandi is a rented hire car. This recording was made at the Crawley Blues festival in 2012 entitled "16 gauge steel" which is an autobiographical tale about his life on the road with Johnny Shines, a running mate of Robert Johnson. When Johnny passed Kent was a pall bearer and they laid him to rest in a steel casket.

Kent is no pretender having lived the life of an itinerant blues man accompanied by his true partner Leadbessie a battered National steel. he is the consummate professional and gives everything in all his performances. A true friend playing for us in our 22nd year, could not start the year better.

Kyla Brox duo F 14/2

I have tried to book this young lady for many a year, what better way to celebrate your birthday than have someone perform with her ability. This recording of the Leonard Cohen classic "Hallelujah" at one of the best festivals in the country, Scarborough Top Secret in 2019.

One of the very best soul-blues singers the British Isles has ever produced. Award-winning blues and soul singer-songwriter, Kyla’s raw talent has seen her described as 'the finest female blues singer of her generation'.Her tender, urgent, gritty voice is tonight accompanied by her husband, virtuoso acoustic guitarist, Danny Blomeley.

‘one of the finest voices Britain has ever had’ Blues in Britain

Ma Bessie F 20/3

'Nobody knows you when your down and out', classic track covered by many artists including Clapton on his Unplugged album, sung here as Bessie Smith intended.

‘Empress of the Blues’ Bessie Smith was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s and was one of the greatest singers of her era and a major influence on other jazz singers. Ma Bessie and her Blues Troupe perform a narrated show, featuring music from the era and showcasing many of Bessie's songs. The show chronicles her life from a one-room shack to becoming the highest-paid black entertainer of the time.Featuring Julia Titus (vocals), Sam Kelly (drums), Dom Barnett (MD/piano), Tony Qunta (acoustic guitar), Marianne Windham (double bass), Clare Hirst (sax/clarinet), Claude Deppa/Kevin Davy (trumpet), and Andy Wilkin (narration).

Oliver Darling with the Blues & Grooves gang F17/4

Oliver makes a welcome return to the Studio, where his debut performance ‘left the audience on their feet wanting more' (Blues In Britain).

A regular in the Imelda May band, Mike Sanchez and Cadillac Kings, Oliver’s solo work is a musical trip through both the Chicago blues and R‘n’B cannon with the most obvious influence being Big Bill Broonzy. Oliver is supported and joined by The Hawth houseband Blues & Groove Gang - Louise Maggs (guitar), Kevin ‘Kingsnake’ Roberts (bass), Fraser ‘Crawfish’ Wigg (keys) and Bill ‘English Willie’ (drums).

The Broonzy track 'That's the glory of love' , which showcases his wonderful guitar playing and vocals indicate a prowess of someone who understands the lyrics and how to interpret them.

Crawley Blues @ the Hawth

Mike Dowling-Live from the Dennison Lodge in Wyoming

Mike is recognised by his peers and public alike as a master musician across many guitar styles from bottleneck, fingerpicking, jazz, swing and ragtime to name but a few. I regularly get asked as to when he will return to these shores and all I can say is that we frequently chat and are trying to work something out.

In the meantime sit back with a glass of something and some quality headphones and enjoy Mike in concert promoted by public TV PBS broadcast.

Rory Graham aka Rag n Bone @ Crawley Blues festival 2010

Rory was an unexpected guest when my old mate Bill Footman said that he had sat in with his band Southern Nights a couple of days before and could he sit in. 

Little did I know of for that matter the majority of the audience what a performer was about to take stage and the rest is history.

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Rory Graham with the Hawth Houseband 2010

I had invited my old friend Mike Dowling, Grammy award winner and one of the best guitarists around to put together a band on the nights, comprising the artists appearing at the festival. 

Southern Nights, Mike Dowling, Nigel Bagge, Eddie Armer, Bill Boazman and many more tooke the stage and Rory performed 'Key to the Highway', blues jamming at its best.....enjoy.

Giles Hedley & the Aviators Hawth studio 15/6/17

Giles Hedley and the Aviators, with Sam Kelly drums and Richard Sadler on upright bass. One of the finest exponents of 20's and 30's blues. Regular visitor to the club, wonderful band.

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Doug MacLeod  "Going Down Country"  090914

One of the finest raconteurs in the business, multiple award winner. Doug has played for us many times and this number captures the essence of his style. Attending one of his gigs is like your own personal show in your front room, consummate professional.

Jerron 'Blind Boy' Paxton @ Crawley Blues Club 17/10/16

Jerron was like a throwback to a bygone era of the 20's or 30's and his style was something rarely seen these days. I knew of his prowess as a guitar player, however his repertoire of piano, banjo, fiddle and other instruments was astounding. I look forward to him returning to the Hawth, wonderful performer. 

Our Recent Work

Aynsley Lister "Empire State express" 150214

Aynsley is a regular visitor to the club having played for many years around February time. His solo performances are breathtakingly sublime. Here is a performer totally at ease with his surroundings playing to a rapped audience.

Red Butler duo "Old love" 100217

Here the guys were supporting Aynsley Lister and Alex is a great admirer of his playing. This was one of the first duo, electro acoustic that Alex and Dan had played, which complemented the evening perfectly. Later on Alex sat in with Aynsley, what an evening.