Artists who will be appearing at the Hawth

Spikedrivers 16/2/22

The Spikedrivers have been regulars at the club since their first appearance in 2002. In 2017 they celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band and we were fortunate enough to have them play for us at the Hawth. They also recorded a live double album called 'Front Porch Swing', which captured the essence of the band. It is fitting that they return for what will be the 25th anniversary of the club.

Aynsley Lister solo 4/5/22

Aynsley first appeared at the Hawth at the Folk festival in 2005 and caused quite a stir filling the ground floor stage. I had known him for a number of years before seeing his solo performance at Banbury.  Regulars at the club will have witnessed his stand out performances from 2011 to 2022 supported by Danny Kyle and Alex Butler. Certain numbers are associated with his performances and as a Hendrix fan I have chosen 'Little Wing', enjoy.

Danny Kyle 'Travellin' man'

I first met Danny many years ago at John Adam's Bottleneck club in Maidstone and he blew me away. A number of years later my great friend Mike Dowling told me of a young guitarist who had travelled to Wyoming to stay with him and play. 

This number is an old Pink Anderson classic that was often played by Ben Andrews, who he played with often. Danny is an incredible talent and needs to be seen and heard to fully appreciate his talents.

Saints & Sinners 'Hear me talkin' to ya' 8/6/22

The Spikedrivers are joined by Mike Burke & Fran McGillivray singing music from the cross to the crossroads.  We had them at the club in September 2018 when they were working on the format. It is an intoxicating mix of gospel, old timey music and blues. There is so much musical ability and beautiful harmonies it will make it an evening to remember.

Ben Tyzack 'Deep river blues'

Could not resist this clip and I did not realise it was out there with Ben playing the Doc Watson classic 'Deep river blues'. This was at the 2015 Crawley Blues festival, sit back and enjoy.

Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow 'Church St blues'

Brooks is the consummate guitarist and his duets with different artists has been a feature of his career to date. At the Hawth we had him with Ben Tyzack, Hans Theessink and Guy Davis. In partnership with Aaron you have the celtic & gaelic tones, just sublime.

Celebration for Bill Footman Friday 4/11/22

Gogoville Blues Stars 'T Bone shuffle'

Bill Footman passed away on 5/10/20 see page devoted to him on the website. In October '19 Paul Cowley was appearing in the studio and the number were poor, typical of Bill he said he would get a band to support him. Bill brought along Lionel Ploughinec and the Gogoville blues stars, what an evening. Lionel has asked for an opportunity to play for our dear friend, you are in for a treat. Also a chance to enjoy a chance to see Bill in his element playing drums, we miss you mate.

Oliver Darling & Blues and Grooves @ the Hawth 'Stormy Monday blues'

I have known Oli for a number of years and booked him to play solo ' the Hawth in May '19. Not many people knew about despite him playing with Imelda May. His solo style is steeped in the roots of Big Bill Broonzy. Again we were struggling for an audience and Bill suggested Blues & Grooves with Kevin Roberts and Fraser Wigg. Anyone who saw the gig would swear they had played together for years, but this was the first time, what a blast. Oli and the band return to pay their respects to Bill.